Wednesday, February 10, 2010

12" x 24"
Oil on cradled panel

The Italian word for colander is scolapasta...hence the title of the painting. And to define the word a little further, scola means drain and pasta...well, means pasta. The hardest part about this painting was getting all the little holes to fall in the right position within each circle of holes and having them lie in the right perspective as they went around the colander.


Alvin Richard said...

Your work is outstanding, beautifully lighted and masterfully painted. Thanks stopping by my blog and introducing me to your art.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita. I saw the NYT article about your search for a residence in NYC, and that led me to the link to your art. You are so talented. I love the vivid colors and the detail. My daughter is 16, and a budding artist. She is planning to go to college and study art, perhaps get an undergraduate degree in Art Ed. I showed her your site and she was very impressed, and inspired by what she saw. Thanks for sharing your talent and vision. Oh, and good luck in your new home in Jersey City (I lived there in the early 80's while attending law school in lower Manhattan). Patricia Kahn

Rita Marandino said...

Hi Patricia,
It was very nice of you to take the time to write your kind words about my art work...and article in the Times. Tell your daughter to follow her vision and passion and she will only do great work. I hope you get to read this because there was no way to reply to you because the heading was "Anonymous said.." Thanks again and I hope you will click on the link to follow my blog...Rita

Moniki Moraes said...

Why do you stop posting? Beautiful paintings everywhere. Wonderful job, show us more.